About The Geek

Hi! I’m Widi, 20-something year old, from Indonesia. Currently working as an editor in one of the leading publishing companies in the country. I hold a degree in English Education. I’m also a freelance translator (Indonesia<>English).

Really wanna draw; haven’t sketch anything in like… a year?

I love watching movies, reading, sketching (which I don’t do a lot these days), and listening to music. I’m an avid, even compulsive, reader. I especially like fiction, something entertaining, but also books ranging from psychology to neuro-something to art. I also love reading books that has anything to do with the English language and linguistics. I’ve always wanted an e-reader, so I bought myself a Kindle Fire. I haven’t had much time to read these days, but I’m trying to do lots more reading this year. It’s my New Year’s Resolution, I guess. So far I’ve only read a few books on my Kindle, but mostly I use it for social networking and reading news (my favorites sites are The Huffingtonpost, The Guardian, and the BBC).

I’ve always wanted to make a blog. So, this geeky blog is about books, reading. and movies based on books. I’d love to blog about my favorite movies and series too, but… one at a time. I don’t really have a formula in reviewing books. I just go with whatever ideas that go through my head and put them in writing.

I’ve read and watched so many stuff, it’s just not right not to share with you guys. So here it is, my humble book blog.

Too many words, eh? Well, to sum it up, I’m a nerd and proud of it. Hence the name of the blog. Not so creative there, eh?

Anyways, read away. Don’t forget to support me by following my blog and rating, sharing, and commenting on my posts. I love discussing about what I write with people who share the same interest in the topic, so, any discussion is welcome.

Disclaimer: Most of the pictures here, as well as information and facts, are found all over the internet (unless stated otherwise) and belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.


7 responses to “About The Geek

  1. hai kak, i recently seeing your blog and i really like it.
    you have great writing here (in english), maybe you can teach me how. keren banget 😀

  2. hei kak, recently seeing your blog here and i really like it. your reviews really help me to find good books 😀
    btw i love your writing (in english) here, maybe you can teach me how. keren banget

    • Hi. Thanks. Haven’t got a lot of reviews, though. (>_<) I should work on posting more often.
      Uh, since I majored in English, it would be odd for me not to write in English and try to write well, yeah? But, I think what has helped me so far is a lot of reading. Doesn't have to be books. These days, since I can't seem to find the time and focus to read a whole book, I read news sites and such. I think to write in English well, you at least have to like it. Then, if you do, next step is practice. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, because you draw from that and learn to do better. If you want to ask questions about reviews or books or English, or just about anything, feel free to ask!

    • It is. Just started about 2.5 weeks ago. I’d always wanted to blog, but didn’t really know what to blog until then. For now I just share people’s giveaways I found online, but when I have time to read and review books, I’ll post my reviews. 😀

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