Booking Through Thursday #8 Otherwise

Booking Through Thursday

Okay, last week’s Booking Through Thursday schedule has passed for a couple of days, but I’m always late for it, so let’s just start with this week topic, eh?

Fave side reading

Outside of books, what’s your favorite thing to read? Newspapers? Magazines? Blogs? Fanfiction? Specific websites?

I don’t really read newspapers and magazines these days. There was a time when today’s newspaper was the first thing I get to once I got home, back when I was still in school. He’s still subscribing, but I got out of home, so…. Magazines… I actually read them a lot as a child. Mom got these old female magazines at the—I suppose I could call it—attic that I would read when I had nothing more to read. Which happened a lot, since I didn’t have a lot to read back then, when there was no internet around.

But I caught on fanfiction buzz in university and began reading lots and lots of Dramione fanfic. Well, I don’t read it much these days either.

So let’s talk about something I actually read these days. That would be news sitess or apps. I read a lot of The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and BBC UK on the computer or my Kindle Fire or my (new, yeay!) Android phone. And don’t forget Wikipedia. Wanna know about anything, just wiki it. And sometimes I blogwalk to fellow BBI members’ blogs, too, to see if there’s anything new or interesting.

I’d like to start reading fanfic, but there’s only so much Dramione I could read. And I’ve found my fave Dramione fanfic already (though there’s some maybe ongoing fanfic and/or any on hiatus that I still want to follow) and not looking to venture into foreign territories (yaoi Harry Potter fanfic and all that). So, I’ll need a new thing I can be excited about.


I’ll need to do some more blogwalking, though. BBI members have this November birthday and blog anniversary giveaway hop that I need to join. Which you could join to! As long as you fit the requirements.

I guess that’s it. What’s your fave side reading. Got anything to recommend?

You can join in the fun meme by clicking this and leave a link of your post. And let’s get crazy reading!


What do you think?

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