Booking Through Thursday #7 Crazy

Booking Through Thursday

It’s been a while since I went along with Booking Through Thursday, so today I’m starting again, despite the one-day-tardiness. *cue eye rolls*

This week’s topic is:

Which is my middle name. No, I’m not serious. I don’t have a middle name. Oh wait, my name consists of two words; and I have no last name, so that makes my second name my middle name? *tap forehead*

Anyway, cut to the chase:

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done while reading? Walked the dog? Brushed your teeth? Cooked supper? Splashed in the waves at the beach?

And… were there any repercussions? Would you do it again?

Well, the craziest thing I’ve ever done while reading is… unsurprisingly…
doing the number two (ewwww, I know, I’m so gross).

Reading on toilet

Please, don’t tell me you’ve never done that, though? I know a lot of you guys use the sitting toilets, so that’s no problem. I bet your dad may even read the paper that way sometimes. Well, I (and most people in Indonesia) use the squat toilet. Imagine squatting your way through dozens of pages of Harry Potter.

To make it even crazier, I read my e-book excerpts on my old phone: Nokia 3110 classic, and my old mp4 player. Which only carried one chapter per Notepad text. Their screens didn’t even reach 2 inches. So, I read these little texts, while pooping. Well, don’t worry, I never smeared *something* on the devices.

I still have my phone, but my mp4 player has long since died on me, because I dropped it into the toiled, no less; but actually it died months after. So, the repercussion of that crazy habit of reading on my mp4 player/phone while doing the yucky deed: dropped said mp4 player to the toilet. It lived to see another 6 months or so, after I bought little screwdrivers to open it and aired it out to dry.

Would I do it again? Oh, well, one time I even brought my Kindle Fire and read on it while… doing the number two. Seriously, though, I can’t part with my gadgets even in the shower, or when I’m doing the laundry. I even once watched a movie on it in the bathroom while showering. No, this time I had my Kindle Fire on a safe place. I managed not to knock it down or splash water onto it. Okay, I splashed a bit of water, but I wrapped it in a plastic bag beforehand, so no worries. So, you got it right, I’ll do it again. And again, and again. And next time, I’ll at least make sure I keep everything safe.

You can join in the fun meme by clicking this and leave a link of your post. And let’s get crazy reading!


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