Booking Through Thursday #2 Dream Cast

Booking Through Thursday

Karena meme Booking Through Thursday keren2, walopun saya telat ikutan, saya akan terus menggali meme2 lama dari blog keren ini. Dan meskipun ini bukan Kamis, who cares. I’m rollin’, babe. Ini pertanyaan 13 Juni:

And while we’re thinking about books converted to tv/movies. Do you ever sit and wonder who could be cast as your favorite characters? (Please feel free to give examples!)

What actors do you think have done particularly excellent jobs with some of your favorite characters?

Oke. Opini saya kali ini mungkin akan menuai oposisi. Or you’d think I’m a hypocrite. But so what; we’re bound to have paradoxes from time to time.

I read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Seriously. Pertamanya hanya karena saya penasaran kenapa nama Emma Watson bisa dikaitkan dengan novel erotika. I like Emma Watson. I think she’s gonna turn up to be a great actress. Jadi, novel ini sounds a little far-fetched to be a future project for her. Tapi untungnya itu cuma rumor. Dan jujur nih, novel ini bukan karya sastra unggulan, menurut saya. I didn’t even like it. Tapi kenapa saya terus membaca, bahkan ketiga bukunya sekaligus? Well, when it comes to reading I’m not a quitter. Ketika membaca trilogi ini, yang bikin saya penasaran hanya bagaimana akhirnya. So, I just rushed towards the endLucky I’m a fast reader.

Intinya, saya cukup setuju dengan reviu Ren yang keren abis di blognya dan di Goodreads. Entah saya akan bikin reviunya atau ga, tapi kayaknya ga. Kalo penasaran dengan novel ini, kamu juga bisa baca reviu Mbak Desty. Fifty Shades bukan novel favorit saya. Anna bukan tokoh fiksi favorit saya. Tapi kasus ini agak berbeda dengan Christian. Saya akui, in the end I’m just a girlAnd like many girls who long for a man who worships the ground she walks on, I think this Christian character embodies the ideal guy a girl could hope for. Minus the BDSM tendencies, unless you swing that direction. And even if you do, I’m not one to judge. But I don’t swing that direction, I hope.

Di sisi lain, saya cukup penasaran apakah akan ada penerbit Indonesia yang menerjemahkan novel ini. Dan siapa yang akan memainkan Christian di film yang katanya baru akan dibikin. Dan inilah jawaban saya untuk pertanyaan BTT di atas:

Matt Bomer Christian Grey Fifty Shades

R-Patz, move over. Matt Bomer is in the house!

Sumber Gambar:

Jadi, karena saya suka tipe cowok fiksi keren (siapa yang ga?), saya mau ikutan mencalonkan Matt Bomer sebagai dream cast saya untuk peran Christian Grey. Buat yang belum kenal, Matt Bomer adalah pemain utama serial White Collar yang ditayangkan di USA Network, yang sekarang masih ongoing. Saya pertama “ketemu” Matt Bomer di sebuah serial supernatural keren berjudul Tru Calling, di mana dia memainkan love interest pertama Tru Davies. My first impression? “Oh my God, he’s smolding hot.” Forget the gorgeous bod. It was his blue eyes and smoldering gaze. Who could resist THAT???

Matt BomerSumber Gambar:

Who cares if he’s gay. He’s a good person. He’s in a relationship with a partner and they even raise three sons. He’s hot. He’s a good actor. Not necessarily great, but we can leave greatness for the Daniel Day Lewises of the world. He’s proven his suaveness in White Collar, his hotness in Magic Mike, his filming endurance for bound-and-gag in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and his great singing in Glee (who knows the director decided to head to a different direction and make Fifty Shades a musical). He’s all you can hope for a smexy, Dominant, whip-holding Christian.

Di internet sudah banyak sekali poll untuk kasting Christian Grey. Pilihan fans termasuk Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood), Ryan Gosling (The Notebook), dan Ian Sommerhalder (The Vampire Diaries). Kalo kamu #FiftyShadesFan atau “hanya” fan cowok cakep dan keren seperti saya, siapa yang kamu harapkan akan memainkan Christian?

In the end , when it comes down to the question: Why do I even vote for any actor for Christian Grey?
Well, because I can.


8 responses to “Booking Through Thursday #2 Dream Cast

  1. Hi! there, love your dream cast review. I’m a huge fan of FSOG and head over heels with Bomer!! But I have to admit with Dornan casted as Grey….I could not agree more. Though I still can’t accept Dakota as Ana, I’ll behave and wait for the movie. Selamat bersama-sama deg-deg an nungguin gimana pak director membuat buku ini jadi sebuah film yang epic and not porn (well I’ll watch it even as porn hahhaha). Lastly, rumour has it that they’re gonna make all the books into big screen. *cross fingers*

    • Hi, Jess. Nice to see you here!
      Thanks. Glad someone likes it.

      I’m no huge fan of FSOG, which is BOO! But I have a soft spot for alpha male characters. I mean, BDSM tendency aside, being dominated by a guy who’s actually very caring is something to be desired *wink, wink*. It’s like, maybe Ana’s the bottom in the sack, but she actually tops Christian in the matter of the heart (I mean, he might be very demanding etc., but he always relents in the end).

      I’m for Matt Bomer X Alexis Bledel. But while I’m not sold on the casting, I’m willing to look past that because I’m so curious as to how Sam Taylor-Johnson is gonna work on the movie (uhm, it’s actually Mrs. Johnson, as in… Aaron Johnson–she directed him in the biopic “Nowhere Boy”, he’s of “Kick-Ass” fame).

      They sure will film all the books, or else they’ll get bashed by FSOG legion fans.

    • Hah, kok komen kamu kelewat ga aku bales ya, Lin? Maap. (>_<)

      Matanya Matt Bomer memang aduhai. Tapi yg jadi Grey tuh si Charlie Hunnam. Ga sesuai dengan bayanganku. Tp aku penasaran, gmn dia akan meranin cowok suave ini dan gimana dia ngomong tanpa aksen Inggris. Tp aksen Inggrisnya Hunnam tuh aneh, ga kayak Idris Elba, ato yg lebih mainstream–Hugh Grant, ga kayak Scottish, ato Irish gitu. Aneh aja.

      • Yah emang. Kalo utk Anna, aku sih oke2 aja. Walopun kurang inosen yah? Utk Anna sih mending yg mukanya kayak Amanda Seyfriend itu. Utk Grey, ttp dong, Matt Bomer. Eheh. Mari kita liat deh, bakal ky gimana jadinya film itu. Aku penasaran jg.

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